Trade Show Success in Las Vegas – Latest Secret Weapons

Venue off stripA trade show is a great place to promote and sell your business, products and services. Full of potential buyers and prospective future clients, this is  your chance to bring together key individuals who can make you more profitable.Companies spend years planning for the perfect product launch, honing strategies to win new business and renew existing contracts. Resources, time, energy and money are spent to set up the sales team for tradeshow success. 

But having the expectation to return from a trade show with positive and tangible results to report can be a lot of pressure, especially when your company is just one of hundreds of exhibitors at a citywide convention. One thing all exhibitors agree on but don’t want to admit to their boss is that it is extremely difficult to capture your clients undivided attention at the trade show. How do you make the biggest impact? How do you maximize face-to-face time with your clients and strike while the iron is hot.

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Here are 7 tips to make your show a success:

1. Make a great first impression.
Enclave Las Vegas

This is a critical step on the exhibit floor, as well as off. Let’s face it – we judge what we see in a matter of seconds. So, if we don’t capture the attention of and impress attendees quickly, say goodbye to potential sales and the chance at cultivating lasting relationships. Look at your space(s), and view it in the eyes of your customer. What would you think?

2. Make sure you plan for ample face time.

Studies show that true trade show success requires having a creative and meaningful strategy to host your VIP players off the trade show floor, and away from your competitors. Smart companies are now supplementing their efforts at the trade show by adding a secure meeting or event spot away from distractions in order to gain more valuable face time with qualified buyers and influencers. 

 3. Show your stuff – literally.

When companies rely solely on their trade show booth as their one and only shot to impress, buyers can easily miss out on seeing all the goods and potential sales are lost. With the increase in costs associated with larger exhibit booths and stringent show rules, product launches and demonstrations can be difficult to execute. Companies forced to work with smaller booths and space limitations often have to pick and choose what products they can showcase at any given time. 

Statistics show that 80% of tradeshow visitors decided to purchase the product or service because they sampled, used, or saw a demonstration of the product/service and liked it, while 57% stated the better understanding of the product gained during the event was the most influential factor. Securing a non-traditional venue as a supplement to the conventional exhibit booth experience has become the secret to success for innovative companies that prefer to stand out from the crowd. You have more control and flexibility than the typical trade show floor can offer. Make a statement!

4. Don’t insult clients with “bedroom meetings”. Keep it professional.

When booths are too small to showcase all of your products or salesforce, many exhibitors rent hotel rooms or suites to hold off-site meetings. This can be a turnoff to many potential buyers. The mere fact that you are meeting outside a bedroom door is awkward, not to mention the liability. And, the capabilities for technology and branding in a suite leave plenty to desire. Smart exhibitors rent space in venues off-site, where they can show off their properties with top production and technology capabilities, custom food and beverage, and luxury amenities, giving their team the time they need with customers to make the deal.

5. Host an exclusive VIP dinner, private sneak peak, or rooftop party.

The trend in recent years is to plan off-shoot events before, during, and after the trade show in unique settings. Not only does this provide meaningful one-on-one time in a more casual setting, but it creates buzz ON the trade show floor, bringing more people to your booth during the day. So much so, that it has become a necessary addition for all companies seeking to make a lasting impression on top decision makers.

According to Statista, 82% of trade show visitors are directly involved in making purchase decisions, and trade show attendees have stated these events have a considerable impact on their purchase decision. Even if you’re in Las Vegas for a conference, you still want to have fun!

6. Get outside!

corporate meeting spaceLet’s face it – the last thing we want to do after spending a full day indoors is spend a full night there as well. Host a cocktail party or event outside! Select venues in Las Vegas offer stunning outdoor spaces. Enclave, a brand new event and production venue, is quickly becoming the hottest secret weapon for trade show success with its’ rooftop deck overlooking the strip with a bar and beautiful dolce garden outside. Enclave is easily accessible in the heart of Las Vegas, just one mile from McCarran airport. The venue was designed as a blank canvas with tremendous branding opportunities, able to transform itself like a chameleon for any event or any group. Enclave offers a variety of unique settings, indoors and out, perfect for product launches, networking events, and discreet one-on-one meetings.  

7. Plan to shuffle clients around with ride share services.

Having an event off the strip may seem more difficult, but rideshare services, such as Uber and Lyft, make traveling between gathering places and migrating serious clients quicker and more efficient than ever before. They’ll appreciate not walking the miles of hallways in hotels, convention centers, and venues on the strip with door to door service.

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