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Product Launches and Reveals

Immersive marketing transforms an ordinary event into an unforgettable experience. It’s the shared experience that bonds people together, heightens the level of interactivity, and keeps the group conversation going.
Tremendous Branding Opportunities

Successful immersive marketing creates greater brand engagement through a deeper and more dynamic experience. Enclave offers a true blank canvas that brings your brand to life from the moment they arrive. Invite your guests to leave everything else behind and enter your world. Outdoor digital LED signage and a fully customizable exterior that leads into a foyer of brandable white space featuring a 16x9 video wall displaying your logo, images, and videos content.

Fiber Optic Network For Immersive Media

The most impactful events are those that build stories which surround you and engage you through use of technology. Enclave offers a bridge to link the physical and digital social media experiences using a complex fiber-optic network that allows video content to be integrated between all event spaces, as well as shared externally via broadcast. Invite people thousands of miles away to “gain a window” into your event experience in real time from their smartphones, computers, and tablets.

Cutting Edge Event Production

Our state of the art facility and highly skilled 3G Productions team can provide a full range of technological and design services to help you execute your event. Services include corporate audio/video, projection mapping, custom content development, scenic fabrication, rigging/staging, and lighting design.

A Competitive Advantage

In the highly competitive trade-show environment that Las Vegas offers, gaining the full undivided attention of your customers on the convention floor can sometimes be a real challenge. Enclave offers a unique setting to help you make your splash in a big way and ensure all eyes are on you. A private setting away from the chaos and distractions helps you maximize the time, money, and effort your team spends networking with potential clients and cultivating existing partnerships.

Production Friendly Venue

Enclave offers a dedicated loading dock, 11 x 14 elephant doors for large vehicles and displays, 40 tons of rigging capacity, and multiple load in points for quick and easy load in and strike in a private and fully secure building. Several green rooms can be accessed via private entrances for key-note speakers, talent and VIPs. Click HERE to request a copy of the Enclave Venue Technical Packet.