Are You Fit for a Modern Royal Wedding?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are contemplating a lot of elements in their final wedding planning details. Which royal traditions are they going to follow? That’s anyone’s guess. But there are many old-fashioned wedding traditions that can be incorporated into a beautiful, modern wedding. Here are a few of our favorites that we have seen at Enclave, the brand-new wedding venue in Las Vegas.

Younger Bridal Parties

bridal partyTraditionally, brides in England are escorted by younger girls, ranging in age from 3 – 12. We are more accustomed to a bridal party of our peers, who are typically around the same age.

Enclave had a wedding party incorporate this into their ceremony along with their “older” family and friends. It made for a stunning visual, with women, men, girls and boys of all ages celebrating the couple. Plus, it made it much easier for close friends and family that had children and would otherwise have had to get a sitter. 


Herb BouquetMyrtle is an herb, known as the herb of love, that is traditionally found in the bride’s bouquet. In England, every bride since Queen Victoria has carried this herb, which is said to have been picked from the same bush she planted after her wedding. Sage, lavender, rosemary, and other fragrant blooms can be used in many parts of the wedding.

Recently, we’ve seen herbs used in crowns, decorative garland, bouquets, cake decorations, and more. You should also consider using potted herbs as part of your table centerpieces, as guests can then bring them home to spread and grow the love.

All Day Affair

Typically, British weddings are held around noon and are followed by a small brunch. Later in the evening, friends and family move to another room for dinner and dancing.

At Enclave, we have had brides hold a smaller ceremony outside for family and close friends on our Vivace rooftop deck or in our Dolce Garden. They later moved inside for an all-out spectacular party, where the guest list increased significantly in number. This gives you the opportunity for an intimate affair and a big celebration!


Wedding fruit cakeDating back many years is the tradition of royal wedding fruitcakes. No, not your grandmas Christmas fruitcake, but ornate, towering, sugary feats of architectural prowess have been a centerpiece of royal weddings past. While the rumor has it that Harry and Meghan will have a banana-infused cake, traditional flavors have also included plum, strawberry, and raspberry.

Today, any fruit is fair game. Love mango and pineapple? Have a festive tropical fruit cake full of flowers! Maybe you are you more suited for the subtle flavors and textures of berries and cream. One of our recent favorites was a sultry lemon-raspberry chiffon cake with a vanilla cream fondant, decorated with sides of lemon meringue and fresh berries.

Do you have a fantasy modern royal wedding in your future? Whatever your dream is, we can make it happen. Call us at (702) 747-9900 or click here to schedule a free consultation!