5 Reasons to Check Out Enclave for NADA

Need event space to show off large vehicles for NADA 2018? Enclave is a new event and production venue now open in Las Vegas that fits the bill! Here are 5 reasons why Enclave is the top choice for NADA parties and events this year …

1. Easy Accommodation for Large Vehicles Indoors

Enclave Las Vegas Car ShowEnclave offers elephant doors that measure 11 feet wide by 14 feet high, which means that any vehicle legal to drive on the street can enter directly into the Enclave Signature Room from street level. That means no freight elevators to hassle with or loading dock schedules to maneuver. If you prefer to showcase outdoors, Enclave offers a Valet Plaza Concourse that allows vehicles to be displayed front and center, alongside an LED wall that is branded to show off your company logo or message.  

2. VIP Experience & View


You are coming all the way to Las Vegas to NADA 2018. Take advantage of a view that no other destination can offer. The private rooftop event space at Enclave has a clear, unobstructed 270-degree view of the famous Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding mountains. Sip on a cocktail and watch the airplanes descend. Let the view of this iconic city take your breath away, and give them an experience they’ll be talking about on the airplane ride home. Check out the view from Enclave’s rooftop deck. Impressive!

3. Don’t Be Lost in the Crowd

meeting space las vegasGet away from the distractions at the convention center and surrounding competitors cramping your style. Enclave offers 75,000 square feet of event space with a variety of unique settings to focus on your product launches, networking events, discreet meetings, and VIP parties. After long days walking through endless exhibit space, your existing and potential clients will be ready and eager to experience a change of scenery at NADA 2018. Planning an exclusive “first-look” event, product launch, or media event for a restricted guest list? Enclave offers a private solution in a discreet location away from the crowds that allows confidential participation with only the eyes YOU want to see it.

4. Convenient Location

Enclave is conveniently located in the heart of Las Vegas, just 1 mile away from the airport, under 4 miles from the Strip, and less than 5 miles from the Las Vegas Convention Center. You can avoid the strip with less congested back roads that bring you straight to the venue in less time. Pull up to Enclave in an Uber or Lyft car, and you have arrived! Additionally, Enclave offers an abundance of free parking on-site, just a few steps away from the front doors.

5. Private Meeting Rooms

private meeting roomsWouldn’t it be nice to have a separate meeting room nearby to encourage personalized face-to-face discussions with your clients? Enclave offers 11 meeting rooms ranging from 200 sq. ft. to 1,300 sq. ft. so you can easily escort them to your very own private meeting space just a few steps away. Who said you can’t show off your latest and greatest AND get those business deals signed at the same time? Catering with endless food &beverage options on-site helps you to power through the long hours of NADA 2018 and avoid hungry employees and clients. Take the Virtual Tour of Enclave to see the variety of meeting spaces at Enclave.

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