Enclave inspires collaboration.

Providing a network of diverse service professionals and the enthusiasm to work with new ones allow Enclave to assist clients in achieving their vision, and ultimately their success.


Enclave provides a blank canvas and all the exciting tools you need to create a captivating and memorable event. We offer the means and resources to energize and charm your clients and guests with our extensive production assets and branding opportunities.


Enhanced technology throughout boardrooms, breakout rooms, conference rooms and event spaces, coupled with a vast range of business services and support, ensures your meetings and gatherings are more productive and successful than they’ve ever been.


Enclave’s experienced team is ready to assist with procuring solutions, including floral and décor, entertainment, AV production, transportation and other services, no matter how unique. We are also happy to collaborate with outside vendors of choice to create your perfect celebration.


Creating beverage experiences that reflect the event is a concept that Enclave embraces. Moving away from traditional catering beverage options, Enclave strives to incorporate diverse inventories to allow events the freedom to have beverage impress as much as the remarkable menu.

Choose from beverage packages specifically designed to complement menus and cuisines or customize a new beverage experience such as pairings for tasting menus and stations. Select from specialty beverage bars like coffee, Bloody Mary, vodka, whisky, tequila or champagne stations with ingredients and garnishes for guests to enhance their drinks. From fully customized wine experiences to simply adding a branded specialty beverage to greet guests, Enclave provides new and unique options in addition to an upgrade on traditional proficiencies.

Enclave is also delighted to offer enhanced beverage service features such as mixologists and cicerone or sommelier hosted elements to create an engaging exchange between guests and experience.

Open Bars








Hors d’oeuvres





Craft Services

Boxed Meals


Las Vegas is one of the leading culinary cities of the world, and Enclave has collaborated with many of the finest talents to create new ways to bring the full spectrum of this captivating community to its clients.

With works of arts featured from various contemporary and traditional chefs, Enclave Signature Menus are custom designed specifically spotlighting Celebrity Chef, Contemporary and Casual tiers. Enclave is also delighted to explore options for events with customized menus and dining experiences, as well as events desiring alternative catering services.

In addition to traditional menu styles, Enclave also provides the newest in tastings, pairings, stations and edible arts as part of our standard, as well as delectable options and services for small to large meetings and events looking for platters, break stations, craft services, boxed meals and other alternatives.

Further services and menus provide for allergy and dietary restrictions and will ensure that all guests enjoy a truly enticing and memorable experience.


Let’s start out by stating what we’re not. We didn’t create our business to rent out microphones, speakers on sticks and projectors to hotels to upcharge their customers.

Our business was built in the real world – across continents. Our in-house team of designers and engineers, CAD professionals and licensed contractors has installed AV systems for major theatres, arenas and venues across the country.

When you’re responsible for the experience of hundreds to hundreds of thousands of people at any one time or event, across multiple platforms such as audio, broadcasting, communications, etc., you better know your stuff – perfectly.

That’s why we designed Enclave to meet extraordinary specifications for our corporate and entertainment clients.


Your brand should be front and center. It creates the culture, sells the product and tells the story for both corporate and social events. At Enclave, we want to help you harness the power of visual identity to build your brand into your meeting or event. No branding is too big or too small.

Enclave is proud to offer an array of branding options, everything from napkins and bottles to marquis and wraps. In addition, we provide both indoor and outdoor digital signage solutions to meet your needs. At Enclave, your success is our success, which is why the building was designed to benefit your brand and ensure you have a meaningful and memorable event.

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