Eli Stearns


Upon graduation from the University of Illinois with a Bachelors of Architecture degree, Mr. Stearns began his career in an architectural/structural engineering firm specializing in the design and development of commercial projects. After two years, Mr. Stearns went to work for Pepper Construction Company in Chicago as a project manager in the health care division, overseeing hospital and nursing home projects, from estimating, through finalization of the construction process and certificates of occupancy.

Mr. Stearns later joined Chicago Fiber Optic Company as one of its first employees. CFO was a start up telecommunications carrier; the first local competitor to Illinois Bell Telephone. With primary responsibility for all real estate matters, including determining points of presence in large office structures in downtown Chicago to negotiating all license agreements and fiber optic right of ways in the city. Shortly thereafter, Mr. Stearns helped to expand the competitive local fiber network business across the United States. The new company was rebranded as Metropolitan Fiber Systems (“MFS”). Mr. Stearns managed and oversaw deployment of the networks’ real estate matters, from individual points of presence in office structures, to the leasing and building of the company’s telecommunications sales offices, and equipment data centers.

Worldcom eventually purchased MFS and Mr. Stearns left to start his own development company. Representing many of the new startups after the telecommunications act of 1996, Mr. Stearns and his team negotiated office leases and telecommunication operational centers across the U.S. In 1998, Mr. Stearns purchased a single use property for Exodus communications in Waltham, MA and shortly thereafter began designing, rehabbing and developing properties across the country for telecommunications carriers in a multi-tenant environment. Eventually, the U.S. model was taken oversees with the company’s clients, and led to a total development portfolio of over half a billion dollars across 12 cities in North America and Western Europe.

In 2004, Mr. Stearns started a new venture with Jay Curiel and formed 3G ProducHons, Inc. The company has significantly grown and diversified its services over the past 12 years, including live sound production, AV sales and installations, non-­union staffing services and broadcasting e-sports events.

Currently, Mr. Stearns is helping to oversee development of the Enclave, a 75,000 sf multi-‐use corporate event venue facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is the home to event spaces for corporate meetings, conferences, trade shows, weddings & receptions, broadcasting events, training facilities and live entertainment. Conveniently located within 1 mile of McCarran airport and 4 miles of the Las Vegas strip. The Enclave is set to open in January 2017.