Alfredo De La Torre

Director of Food and Beverage

Alfredo has been in the food in beverage industry for over 25 years. He has been part of opening some of the most luxurious Hotels and Casinos on the Las Vegas strip.

Having worked for the Mirage and Bellagio for 13 years, Alfredo has had firsthand experience on the requirements of service to achieve a Five Star / AAA Five Diamond rating. His experience has taken him from working in the banquet kitchen at the Mirage, to working on the management level at Bellagio.

After being on the strip, Alfredo took his experience to high paced local gaming companies in Las Vegas. There Alfredo implemented high end beverage programs for over 25 units. He has had a key role in several of the most successful gaming bars in Las Vegas.

Working several years in the Las Vegas area, Alfredo returned to the strip where he opened and helped create TAG and Squeeze for Caesars Entertainment. During that time, he certified and trained the largest level one beer cicerones as well as bar smarts certifications. He was part of creating and developing one of the largest beer programs on the strip.

Following Caesars Entertainment, Alfredo joined the Block 16 Hospitality group, one of the largest independent restaurant groups in Las Vegas. Alfredo oversaw and trained some of the most talented cicerones and mixologist on the Las Vegas strip. Alfredo’s beverage programs have drawn the attention of several magazines, including Las Vegas Food and Beverage as well as Seven Magazine.

Alfredo took his philosophy and knowledge to pair up with one of the most passionate Chefs, Thomas King, previously from Block 16 to open up King’s Landing in Zion. There he was able to create one of the most impressive food and beverage programs seen in Utah. His passion and commitment to service and quality of products have been recognized as one of the top 5 restaurants on several travel sites and magazines.

Alfredo currently resides in Las Vegas and is the Director of Food and Beverage for Enclave located 1 mile from McCarran airport and 4 miles from the Las Vegas strip. Enclave is a 75,000 square foot meetings and events center.