Las Vegas’ Premier Corporate Event Venue

Enclave is designed to encompass the needs of the corporate client, offering a diverse and flexible range of spaces and services to create the most amazing and impactful environment for any business event.

From traditional conference rooms for small meetings to mid-size spaces for meetings and conferences to large spaces for product launches, trade shows or other events, Enclave can accommodate practically every need. We feature unique spaces for alternative business and creative climates such as outdoor event spaces, a rooftop deck, a production room and specialty dedicated areas such as living rooms and green rooms.


A truly unique aspect of Enclave is our ability to handle massive exhibits. Preparing and properly displaying items as large as automobiles, boats, planes, helicopters or machinery – while still providing enough space for socializing and viewing – is not just absolutely within our capability, it’s why we designed the space. From being able to swiftly, safely and confidently move items in and out of the main space through our system of “elephant doors” to working closely and cooperatively with our clients to ensure every need is met, Enclave can accommodate practically any corporate exhibition requirement.


Not only do we have enough space for nearly everything you may wish to exhibit, we have enough dedicated free parking to handle nearly any size group. Our 350 dedicated parking spots (with available valet service) provide your event attendees with the secure space they need to relax once inside the exhibit. And though you may not need it (considering how large our inside space is), we are always happy to discuss with any client an outside display/service aspect to any event.


Everyone attending your event will never forget who is sponsoring the program. Enclave offers internal and external digital signage. and our team of branding professionals will work with your staff to constantly reinforce your message throughout the event. Not only will we be able to provide large overt signage and branding opportunities, Enclave is perfectly prepared to take that branding effort to the granular level, all the way from signature cocktails right down to personalized napkins.


A specific advantage of Enclave is its location. There is nowhere in the Metro Las Vegas area more than just a few minutes from the facility. Summerlin, Downtown, the airport and, yes, The  Strip are all within “shouting distance” of Enclave, so getting to and from your event is as easy as enjoying the event itself.


Literally “over and above” our interior exhibit, meeting and conference spaces is our rooftop deck. The deck can be utilized individually or in conjunction with other exhibit spaces and offers an astonishing 180-degree, panoramic viewscape of Las Vegas. We will be happy to discuss how this space can become an integral part – or even the focus – of your event.


We will work with your team to create a visually stunning, truly memorable entrance promenade experience into your event, through such concepts as instant branding, musical accompaniment, food and beverage service, team building experiences, and even a “red carpet” complete with photographer.


Let Enclave bring deliver a world-class event for you.